In Russia, the term “commoner” will be introduced: the Ministry of Justice explained why this was done



It became known that in the official office, a new word will soon appear – “commoner”. The authorities have decided to introduce it to designate the corresponding population class. According to the Department of Justice, we should even be proud of this term.

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This information was reported by the news agency. Panorama on Twitter, reports “MFN”.

“The term” commoner “is derived from a stable expression, which means:” ordinary people “. In the Russian Federation, it is customary to be proud of their involvement in the people,” said the official. citing the Ministry of Justice.

The Department of Justice did not provide further details. Perhaps information about this will appear later.

It is interesting to note that even the famous Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has republished this record. Obviously, this news discouraged him somewhat.

Social media users, in turn, were surprised that the authorities had introduced such a derogatory term. The Russians began to talk about how the Kremlin could go so far as to call ordinary workers or slaves.

Recall, Azarov said that Zelensky was killing people: an outrageous statement by the former Prime Minister.

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