In Russia, the village was called “Putin the thief”: details of the scandalous incident



An unforeseen incident occurred in the Russian Federation which discouraged local authorities. In the village of Aginskoye, in the Transbaikal territory of Russia, where the official name of the colony was adorned with stones, a new inscription appeared yesterday: “Putin is a thief”.

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This information was reported by correspondents. Focus, reports “MFN”.

“Yesterday we could still see the normal inscription – Aginskoye. On the morning of June 1, we already saw that Putin was a thief. As early as 8 a.m., everyone in the village could see it. An hour later, they started to change it. Then it was written-Putin. However, for the moment, the Aginsky inscription has been restored, ”said local authorities.

It should be noted that the inscription was on the side of the mountain. Aginsky chief Andrei Dashin said he was ashamed of the intruder.

We know that the police are still looking for the author of a successful joke. So far, she has not found anyone. Social media users largely supported the author, wishing him to continue to awaken people’s self-awareness, freeing him from the yoke of slaves.

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