In Russia, they threaten Ukraine with a new war: Kornilov on the air announced the breakthrough of the “L / DPR”



A Donetsk reporter on the propaganda channel Russia-1 not only started pouring mud over Ukraine, but also said that the “DPR” and “LPR” should be there. within the “legal” border of their territories.

Vladimir Kornilov
Vladimir Kornilov. Photos –

This information was reported by Vladimir Kornilov himself, reports “MFN” with reference to the file of Youtube.

“After the first shot from Ukraine, it lost Donetsk and Lugansk forever. It was the first shot on their own people, and all the others – already on the foreign people. Each shot only increased the distance between us, “he started at the very beginning.

After that, he started talking about the sad incidents and deaths in the Donbass. As he said, in 2014, activists began to accurately trace the events that took place in Maidan.

However, for some reason, he did not mention the fact that Strelkov captured Slavyansk, not to mention the hundreds of victims of the Armed Forces and civilians whom the separatists did not spare.

“Consequently, Ukraine will have to respond. We will have to push the boundaries of the “DPR” and the “LPR” to the legal boundaries, ”said Kornilov with downcast eyes.

Social media users have made mixed statements about what they heard. Interestingly, even pro-Russian commentators have criticized Kornilov’s comments.

Recall that we will soon have a new map of Ukraine – in the Zelensky team announced big changes.



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