In summer something will happen – Nightingale talked about what awaits Putin in the near future



It turned out that Vladimir Putin lost very high marks and, in this context, he completely lost the confidence of the residents of the Russian Federation. For this reason, protest moods are starting to rise in Russia, which can reach a boiling point as early as the summer of 2020.

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This opinion was expressed by a political scientist Valery Solovey on her YouTube channel, reports “MFN”.

“You have to understand that the sociology, as well as the analyzes provided to the senior officials of the Kremlin, are reliable. Another question is what is shown to the Russians. I assure you that there is a high probability that there will be mass demonstrations in the fall. In addition, they will be very different in nature. I can certainly say one thing: they will be motivated by political and socio-economic discontent, “said the Nightingale at the start.

After that, the expert said that this had not happened in Russia for 20 years. He remembered the Yeltsin era, where protests were a bit of a routine. According to him, the same thing will happen soon in Russia.

“The main question is: when are people angry so that their dissatisfaction turns into action. According to my calculations, everything fits together. Something will definitely be this fall. But maybe something will happen in the summer. Something that will push people. This will stimulate them to act, ”he concluded.

Recall that Russia threatens Ukraine with a new war: Kornilov announced on the air the breakthrough of the L / DPR.



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