In the air pollution forecast of telegram robots, the error can be hundreds of times – Kulbida



In the air pollution forecast of telegram robots, the error can be hundreds of times - Kulbida

The Ukrainian hydrometeorological center is continuously monitoring all over Ukraine, receiving the latest information on reliable instruments and approved methods, so there should be no doubt about the reliability of the data obtained by laboratory methods.

This was stated by the director of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center Nikolay Kulbida during an online briefing on April 17, said the press service of the State Emergency Service.

“To do this, we have 129 observation posts on the state of atmospheric air pollution. There are 16 in Kiev, and every day we receive the latest information on the devices that are lawyers, on the methods that are approved, and therefore doubt the reliability of the data obtained by laboratory means, “he said.

According to him, the high air pollution observed in Kiev during the day of April 16 and at night was caused by solid impurities (suspended solids), the concentration of which was exceeded by 2 to 3 times. At the same time, the atmospheric air situation in Kiev does not present a radiological threat.

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Kulbida also explained why data from online resources for measuring the state of air pollution differ from that recorded by the Central Geophysical Observatory.

“Now there are many online resources, telegram robots and websites that deal with environmental issues and problems. One of these resources shows the level of air pollution in any part of the world. I would like to note that the methods and tools that the resource uses to obtain such information – they are distant, mostly by satellite, there are separate on-board systems that can be somewhat determined in atmospheric air, but their error is so high that it can differ from tens or even hundreds of times from the actual situation, “said Kulbida.

He urged the public not to use resources in which no one is responsible for quality and reliability.

As reported, on the evening of April 16 in Kiev, air pollution was severe. The Ministry of Health advised residents of Kiev not to go out, open windows and drink more fluids, given the smog.

State emergency services have reported that the smoke was caused by the burning of grass coverings and forest waste in the Kiev region.

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