In the context of a pandemic, the number of blood donors in Ukraine decreases



In the context of a pandemic, the number of blood donors in Ukraine decreases

In the context of a pandemic, the number of blood donors in Ukraine decreases

06/14.2020 12:29


Due to the coronavirus pandemic in Ukraine, the number of blood donors is decreasing. Only 70% of donors donate blood only once in their lifetime.

It is reported by the Center for Public Health on Facebook.

“More than 12,000 blood centers around the world collect blood and donate it to three types of people: volunteers, family members and paid donors. Most healthy people can donate blood However, 90% of potential donors do not yet do so.

Every few seconds someone in the world needs blood. And it’s a voluntary and regular donation that saves millions of lives each year. In Ukraine, the number of donors is decreasing due to the pandemic. In general, 70% of donors donate blood only once in their lifetime, ”he was informed.

On World Blood Donor Day, the Public Health Center reminds the need for a regular donation. << Donating blood and its products is most important for women whose bleeding is associated with pregnancy and childbirth; children with severe forms of anemia caused by malaria and an insufficiently unbalanced diet; patients with blood and bone marrow diseases, congenital hemoglobin synthesis disorders and immunodeficiency states; people who have been injured as a result of an emergency, natural disaster or accident, patients in complex medical or surgical procedures, "added the message.

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They also urge citizens to become a regular donor and to donate blood throughout the year, to convince friends and family members to become regular donors, and to also become a blood service volunteer for the sensitization.

In addition, they recall that the Pan-Ukrainian flash mob among male donors and blood donors of the Center for Public Health of Ukraine and the donor AU continues.

Deputy Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko wrote on Facebook that donating blood can help three people.

“Blood donation is safe today! The time you spend donating blood is up to one hour. One donation can help 3 people,” said Lyashko.

He added that the donor’s blood can be divided into 3 components: the erythrocyte mass, platelets and plasma. Each of them has a specific application for patients who need a blood transfusion.

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Lyashko noted that during a pandemic, the blood supply decreased and the need remained high. Therefore, blood collection points continue to take quarantine samples, organizing additional anti-epidemic measures. “A few weeks ago, the team and I donated blood to Okhmatdet. Colleagues said that for a year, you can donate blood up to 5 times to men and up to 4 to women. In addition, donating blood is also an opportunity to examine your body. After all, before taking blood, a medical exam is done and the blood is carefully checked, “said the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

As you know, June 14 is World Blood Donor Day. The decision to create it was taken in May 2005 at the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

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