In the Donbass, they revealed what will happen to people from Ukraine in the “DPR”: details



The inhabitants of Donbass have decided to say what awaits these citizens who return to the territory of the “DPR” of Ukraine. They said that visitors should go to a medical facility for the alleged observation.

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This information was reported by the blogger. Necro Mancer on his Twitter, reports “MFN”.

It should be noted that the above measures have been approved by the “Ministry of Health of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”. To this end, special special observation chambers have reportedly been allocated. However, it turned out that information about such conditions was a lie.

“The conditions are still in the hospital. We have around 8 people in our neighborhoods. In turn, a shower with WC, one per floor. There is no need to talk about hot water – it is not there. They forgot to feed us at all, but they did not forget to set up a guard who watches over us, ”explained one of those who came to the DPR observation site.

This information was confirmed by another woman. At the same time, she added that people had to travel 8 kilometers through the gray area to be in the hospital.

As previously reported, their anus was sealed at the FSB – Nevzorov explained how in Russia they made fun of their story.



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