In the “DPR”, the local “authorities” are more afraid than the coronavirus: the population is outraged by the inspections and the fines



Residents of the “DPR” are extremely dissatisfied with the overwhelming fines and controls that suit the local “authorities”. In addition, the shortage of many products has plagued ordinary people.

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It is reported by the “MFN” with reference to the telegram Donetsk Donbass.

The resource reports that the terrorists actively use a system of fines against civilians and take money from people.

“First of all, local entrepreneurs began to fear inspections and fines more than the coronavirus itself. Many report that they have been heavily fined and that businesses are dying. In the CMA, there is an acute problem of the shortage of masks, which contributes to the fact that ordinary people are fined, “local media reported.

The resource notes that the public, small and medium-sized businesses have already paid fines to terrorists in the amount of over a million. At the same time, the “authorities” do not provide the population with adequate assistance so that people can comply with the standards of the orders issued.

Recall, as noted above, the worsening of the conflict – the terrorist DPR Girkin announced the approach of a new aggression by the Kremlin.

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