In the occupied Donbass, the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic could be worse



In the occupied Donbass, the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic could be worse

In the current situation in the territories beyond the control of the Ukrainian government in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic can be extremely negative: the statements of the ARDLO “authorities” on a small number of patients COVID-19 are not true.

British journalist and researcher Thomas de Waal writes about this in the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace study on eastern Ukraine and the coronavirus.

“These regions, as well as part of the territories controlled by the government, where the situation is somewhat better, have a cocktail of three problems which make them particularly vulnerable to the worst consequences of a pandemic,” said the expert.

First, Baal recalls, 36% of the IDLO population is retired, many of whom have serious health problems. Second, the region’s health system has suffered significant deterioration since 2014. About 1,500 medical workers have left these territories. And finally, the administrations created by Russia on these territories are weak and unable to respond effectively to the crisis associated with the coronavirus.

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The expert is also questioning official reports from the “authorities” of ORDLO, who said that less than a dozen cases of coronavirus infection had been recorded in the region. As Baal notes, most knowledgeable experts don’t take these statements seriously.

For example, a British journalist recalled a statement by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine, Aleksey Reznikov, who accused the occupying administration of ARDLO of hiding truthful information from the population about the real situation of the epidemic escalation.

According to a Defense Express investigation, the Russian occupants of the Donbass are hiding and hiding the worsening situation with the coronavirus epidemic.

According to the Worldometer website, currently 1,947,860 patients with COVID-19 have been registered worldwide, of which 460,238 people have recovered, 121,793 people have died.

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