In the OP “SMS correspondence” with the mayor of Cherkassy called joke




In the OP “SMS correspondence” with the mayor of Cherkassy called joke

02/05.2020 11:00


The office of the President of Ukraine denied the fact of a communication between the first deputy chief of the OP Sergey Trofimov and the mayor of Cherkassy, ​​Anatoly Bondarenko, by using SMS concerning the situation around the exit of city ​​quarantine.

This was announced by the president’s office on Facebook.

“The first deputy head of the office of the President of Ukraine did not communicate with the Cherkassy mayor by text. Obviously, the mayor was the victim of a banal farce and drew hasty political conclusions from it, “he was informed.

At the same time, the PO noted that this fact will not affect the course of events.

“It is the actions of the mayor and the city’s executive committee, and not their statements, which should receive an appropriate legal assessment, which should take into account that, according to the Constitution, Ukraine is a unitary state and that the authorities and local self-government must act exclusively in accordance with the powers defined by law ”, – noted in the Office of the President.

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The PO recalled that, on behalf of the president, the government is working on a quarantine exit program, which will start operating on May 11 if there is no outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Ukraine.

“The quarantine mitigation measures have now been approved, they will be applied throughout Ukraine,” said Bankova.

According to media reports, the mayor of Cherkassy, ​​Anatoly Bondarenko, published a snapshot which would have corresponded with the first vice-president of the presidential office, Sergei Trofimov, on the situation surrounding the exit of quarantine of the city.

Previously, the executive committee of the Cherkasy city council, by its decision of April 30, authorized the work of hair salons, beauty salons, sports facilities, summer places for restaurants, shops selling products non food, electrical appliances, furniture, books, markets and fairs selling agricultural products and flowers, as well as city parks and squares and attractions located on their territory.

The police initiated criminal proceedings over the decision taken in Cherkassy to lighten the quarantine.

Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Arseniy Avakov has promised a firm response to the removal of quarantine in Cherkassy.

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