In the spring, more than 4,000 people were “imprisoned” by the courts – Venediktov



In the spring of the crime courts

In the spring, more than 4,000 people were “imprisoned” by the courts – Venediktov


06/28/2020 06:11


In the spring of 2020, 4,400 people were convicted and sentenced to restrictions or prison terms for crimes.

Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova announced this in her 100-day video message posted on the website of the Attorney General’s office.

“What does society expect most from me?” Of course, “landings”. And they are! Yes, behind bars, not corrupt senior officials or top politicians – are always ahead. During the spring, which had become a time of symbolic punishment, 4,400 people were found guilty and sentenced to restrictions or prison terms. Among them, there are 28 people who have committed corruption offenses, 7 – criminal offenses which have caused damage on a particularly large scale, 40 members of organized groups and criminal organizations, “said Venediktova.

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For whatever reason, she added, in pursuit of the “big fish”, the work of field investigators, investigators and prosecutors is devalued, who has denounced, investigated and proven before the courts the guilt of criminals who killed, abducted people who committed terrorist attacks. The prosecution has guaranteed them the principle of the inevitability of sanctions.

“Thus, two people were imprisoned for 15 and 13 years for having killed and mocked a corpse. At 13 years’ imprisonment, the intelligence chief of the anti-terrorist operations sector was found guilty of high treason. The chairman of the board of directors of the credit union will spend 10 years behind bars for the appropriation of nearly 3.5 million hryvnia, and the director of one of the private companies will spend 7 years for embezzlement the company. In addition, the prosecutors of the Prosecutor General’s Office defended before the Supreme Court the decision to imprison for 10 years two drivers responsible for the deaths of 6 pedestrians in the center of Kharkov, “noted the Prosecutor General.

According to her, in cases that are under the special control of the public, there are also results. A preliminary investigation in the context of criminal proceedings was carried out on the order and organization of an attack on Yekaterina Gandzyuk. Last week, a suspect was arrested – the president of the Kherson Regional Council. Also during this period, suspicions were reported to two MPs.

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Now, the attention of Ukrainians is drawn to the highly publicized cases under the procedural direction of prosecutors, the police are investigating more than 1 million 400,000 criminal proceedings. The court sent over 30,000 cases.

“In 816 criminal corruption trials, individuals have been informed of suspicions. 630 indictments have been sent to court. Now that the court has convicted 167 corrupt officials, nearly 100 million hryvnia in losses have been compensated. founder of three fictitious companies which, acting in prior agreement with the officials of the National Tax Service of Ukraine and the organizers of the so-called conversion conversion groups, for the period 2019-2020, have created a tax credit for the VAT in particularly large quantities of their illegal activities – around 100 million hryvnias and more than 1.5 billion hryvnias have passed through the accounts of these companies, “said Venediktova.

According to her, suspicions have also been reported in more than a thousand criminal proceedings for having committed crimes in the public sector. 829 indictments have been sent to court and now over 260 convictions have been made.

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In addition, in almost 500 criminal proceedings for crimes against the natural environment and in the land domain, suspicions have been reported to individuals. The court sent 439 indictments. The court has now pronounced 73 convictions. In the criminal proceedings of these categories, more than 56 million hryvnia were reimbursed and more than 156 hectares of land were returned.

354 criminal offenses committed by organized drug-related crime are exposed. 619 kg of drugs were seized from suspects. According to the results of the shooting in Brovary for the distribution of passenger traffic, the criminal authority was suspected of being the leader of an organized armed gang and its 12 participants.

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In total, during the period in the field of the fight against organized crime, 119 criminal proceedings were brought to court with charges laid against 482 people who committed 926 crimes. With the envisaged conviction 24 criminal proceedings. 86 people were sentenced, 40 of whom were sentenced to actual prison terms.

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