In the United States, a coronavirus has been detected in two domestic cats: the owners of one of the animals have not confirmed the presence of the virus



In New York, the first domestic animals appeared who fell ill with the coronavirus. Covid-19 has been diagnosed in two cats.

coronavirus in cats
Coronavirus in cats. Stock Photo –

This is reported by the NPF, referring to the portal DonPress

The cat who was to be the first to catch the virus was the first to fall ill. The reason for this conclusion is that the owners of the cat are in perfect health and that the coronavirus detection test has given a negative result. The cat developed mild symptoms of a respiratory illness, after which the animal was checked for the presence of a virus in the body. The cat was diagnosed with a coronavirus.

The second cat also had mild symptoms of respiratory illness. Before the animal became ill, the coronavirus was diagnosed with its owner. There is another cat in the house, but she has no symptoms of viral infection.

It should be noted that there is currently no information confirming that cats can transmit a new coronavirus to humans.

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