In Transcarpathia, a newborn baby called Zelensky



How? ‘Or’ What Told In the southwest interregional department of the Ministry of Justice, in May, a boy was born in Transcarpathia, who received the name of Zelensky.

New born
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About this writes “MFN”.

It should be noted that this name became consecutive with names rarely used. Among these, in addition to the name Zelensky, there were Demian, Leonard, Sameul, Jan, Sebastian, Jean, Ognedar (boys’ names) and Alice, Elina, Margarita, Olivia, Elif, Amelia, Vanessa, Gloria (names of girls).

But the names most used in Transcarpathia in May were Matvey, Alexander, Maxim, David, Bogdan, Daniil, Yaroslav among boys and among girls Anna, Sofia, Polina, Eva and Nicole.

It should be noted that it was in the Transcarpathian region in 2013 that the newborn was named after the then president of Ukraine – Yanukovych.

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