In Ukraine – donor blood problems: the Ministry of Health launches an information campaign



In Ukraine - donor blood problems: the Ministry of Health launches an information campaign

Under quarantine conditions in Ukraine, there was a problem with blood donation.

This was announced at an information meeting on April 16 by Health Minister Maxim Stepanov, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“In quarantine conditions, we also had a problem with the provision of blood donations in donor centers. We believe there is an urgent need to intensify efforts to resolve this problem. I have already called the chiefs regional administrations of the States to carry out, on the one hand, relevant explanatory work. “On the other hand, the security of blood supply in the centers concerned. Let this security be observed as much as possible under quarantine conditions, “stressed Stepanov.

He noted that people who donate blood should maximize contact with each other.

Stepanov also added that the Ministry of Health is launching an appropriate information campaign on blood donation.

As reported by Ukrinform, the blood center in Kiev urges to donate blood, because due to quarantine, the number of donors has decreased by three times.

Since April 6, the government has introduced additional measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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In Ukraine, for example, the restrictive measures have been reinforced: you cannot be in public places without personal protective equipment, in particular a respirator or a protective mask, including those produced independently.

It is also forbidden to move a group of more than two people, except in the case of official necessity and accompanying persons under 14 years of age; visit parks, squares, recreational areas, forest parks and coastal areas, in addition to walking pets with a person and, if necessary, sports fields and children’s playgrounds.

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