In Ukraine launched a bot chat on cyberbullying



In Ukraine launched a bot chat on cyberbullying

In Ukraine launched a bot chat on cyberbullying

01/06.2020 22:41


The Ministry of Digital Transformation, in cooperation with UNICEF and with informational support from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Coordination Center for Legal Aid of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, has published a “Kiberpes” chatbot, in which you can learn how to act for children, parents and teachers in the event of Harassment on the internet.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science.

“Last year we introduced the concept of bullying into law, including bullying of children on the Internet. The next step should be a national system to identify and establish responsibility for cyberbullying. During quarantine , kids spend a lot of time online, so now they mostly need a practical and quick response mechanism to cyberbullying, “said Oksana Savitskaya, state expert in the Department of Early Childhood Education, out of school and inclusive of the Ministry of Education and Science, by launching a chatbot.

The Telegram and Viber chat bot will help you learn how to spot cyberbullying, remove offensive content from social media, and get in touch for help.

In the cyberpus chatbot, you can find information on:

what is “cyberbullying” and how it manifests;

How to Identify Content Containing Cyberbullying

what to do if you are a cyberbully;

how to delete documents containing cyberbullying;

how to prevent cyberbullying;

how not to be a cyberbuller.

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According to the international ESPAD research project, in 2019, only 6.7% of adolescents surveyed in Ukraine did not use social networks. About 45% of teens spend up to 3 hours a day on social media and almost 50% spend 4 hours or more.

According to UNICEF, in Ukraine, around 50% of adolescents have been victims of cyberbullying.

UNICEF defines cyberbullying as bullying using digital technology. Cyberbullying can happen on social media, messaging platforms, gaming platforms and mobile phones, in particular: spreading lies or posting photos that compromise someone on social media; advice or threats that offend someone or could harm them.

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