In Ukraine, launched a service to withdraw cash at checkout


The country’s largest bank launched a new service

In Ukraine, launched a cash withdrawal service at checkout. Photo:

State PrivatBank has launched a new service “Money at Checkout” in Ukraine, which will allow you to receive cash when you pay with your credit card at supermarkets and other retail outlets without the need to use an ATM.

Holders of any PrivatBank debit card (salary, student, social card) of various payment systems can use the “Money in the Box Office” service.

To receive cash at checkout, the buyer must pay with a credit card and inform the cashier about their willingness to withdraw cash. The maximum amount of cash withdrawals at one time is 500 UAH, regardless of purchase price. To confirm the operation, the user has to enter the PIN code of the card.

Evgeny Vasilsov
Head of Department to work with PrivatBank’s business enterprises

You can get cash from the Privabank card at the POS-terminals of 65 thousand Ukrainian outlets connected with the “Money at the box office” service. In the future, the service will cover a broader partner network of the bank, the financial institution’s press service said.

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Earlier, we reported that from August 1, 2020, it will become easier for Ukrainians to withdraw cash from payment cards at the cash registers of shops, catering establishments, and so on, who use the Payment Transaction Registrar (RRO). For these purposes, the National Bank of Ukraine has improved the process for the implementation and accounting of such operations.

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