In Ukraine, launched an online database of product verification: how it works


The online product database is a website where you can quickly check product safety.

In Ukraine, launched an online database of product verification: how it works

Ukraine’s Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture has launched an all-Ukrainian online database of dangerous non-food products called “Ugaga”. Aadhaar is a website on which anyone can check the security of products.

The base “Uvaga” includes the following categories of goods: construction products and materials, children’s goods, industrial products and equipment, medical products, fuels, detergents, fireworks products, electrical and electronic equipment.

Three categories have been developed on the resource: Consumer, Business and Market Monitoring Authority. Also on the database website you can learn how to buy goods safely online, what to do in case of buying dangerous products, where to go in case of violation of buyer’s rights, what to sell goods on the Ukrainian market Documents required, useful links for inspectors, etc.

In addition, the website contains contact details for all market monitoring officers and their areas of authority, which will allow everyone to contact the appropriate authority for help or advice without any additional problems.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Remember how quarantine-affected Ukrainians buy. According to the results of a MasterCard study conducted in May 2020, each of the other defendants stated that they started buying online more often than before. At the same time, the number of people buying essential goods on the Internet increased by 43%.

The most popular “quarantine” purchases are kitchen utensils (27%), books (25%) and beauty products, particularly hair dye products (25%), board games (19%).

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