In Ukraine, present an electronic passport


An electronic document is an analog of a paper ID

A digital passport is being introduced in Ukraine: how to get it and where to use it. Photo:

The government approved the decree on the electronic passport in the state’s application “Diya”. From now on, passports in a smartphone are officially digital analogue of paper documents, Digital Transformation Report.

According to the Ministry of Information, now electronic passports are at the level of testing, in which 17 thousand people participate. In the near future, the agency promises to make e-passports available to every Ukrainian in the Dia application.

It has been reported that an electronic passport will eliminate the need to carry and withdraw an ID-card. While using e-passport, it is not necessary to present its paper or plastic equivalent. If the user does not have an ID card, the data for the e-passport will be pulled from the digitized foreign biometric passport.

A digital passport can be used for identification if requested by police on documents as well as mail, parcels, letters received, or purchases of alcohol or tobacco to confirm adulthood.

On completion of quarantine, e-passport can be used:

  • While traveling in trains and flights
  • During medical care and banking operations
  • On receipt of public services

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Earlier, the Ministry of Digital Transformation added new online services to the Dia State Portal. Now Ukrainians will be able to open and close online FOPs, as well as change data within 10 minutes. In addition, after registering a citizen in the cabinet, Ukrainians will be able to verify available information about themselves from five state registries.

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