In Ukraine, Remembrance and Reconciliation Day launched the “War and Myth” project



In Ukraine, Remembrance and Reconciliation Day launched the “War and Myth” project


07/05.2020 17:16


This year, on the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, on May 8, the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance prepared a video project “War and Myth”.

This was reported by the UINP press service on Facebook.

“In the coming days, we will be posting interesting and very important videos that are destroying common Soviet myths. Let’s start with the myth of the “Great Patriotic War” – the ideological cliché that was created in the Soviet Union to focus on the “great war of all the Soviet people against the Nazi forces”, according to the report.

As indicated, the intrigue raised questions: was the “Great Patriotic War” really for the Union republics and, in particular for Ukraine, a war for their homeland? Were Soviet citizens ready to die for Stalin? Did people immediately realize the threat from the Nazi regime? Is the USSR really the unconditional forces of good, and its opponents the embodiment of universal evil, as promoted by the Soviet regime? But above all, is the name “Great Patriotic War” correct?

At the same time, they are warned at the UINP that the “Great Patriotic War” is an ideologically colorful and scientifically incorrect name for the Great Patriotic War. This name is a continuation of the Soviet myth of war, which is still used by the Russian Federation in the hope of maintaining an ideological influence on post-Soviet countries.

Download the high quality video at the link –

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It is available in four versions: in Ukrainian with / without subtitles, in English and in Russian with subtitles.

At UINP, note that this project is an additional source of historical information for the general public.

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