In Ukraine, six billionaires counted


Forbes magazine shared a new ranking of the world’s richest people


In Ukraine, six-dollar billionaires were counted. Photo:

In 2020, Forbes magazine counted six-dollar billionaires in Ukraine. In the list of richest Ukrainians was the holding company SCM JSC Rinat Akhmetov, which had assets of $ 2.4 billion. He dropped to the 875 line at a rating of 272, which he had previously captured, which rose to 3.6 billion for that year.

Richest people in ukraine according to 2020 Forbes:

1. Rinat Akhmetov – $ 2.4 billion (875 places)
2. Victor Pinchuk, founder of Easton – $ 1.3 billion (1613 places),
3. Gennady Bogolibov, former shareholder of PrivatBank – $ 1.2 billion (1730 places)
4. Igor Kolomisky, former shareholder of Privabank – $ 1 billion (1990 place)
5. Yuri Koshyuk, owner of MUP – $ 1.1 billion (1851 places)
6. Constantin Zhevago, the founder of Fraxpo and the main shareholder of the bankrupt bank. Finance and Credit – $ 1 billion (1990)

It is reported that all these entrepreneurs, except Bogolibov, have lost more than $ 0.1 billion to $ 0.5 billion in the year.

For the third consecutive year, Amish founder Jeff Bezos holds the first position in the rich ranking, whose fortune is estimated at $ 113 billion dollars. Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Louis Vuitton are among the three richest people in the world, Bernard Arnault, head of the Moët Haynes Group of Companies.

It is noted that compared to 2019, Forbes’ current ratings include 58 billionaires less – just 2,095 people.

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Earlier, we wrote that since the introduction of quarantine in Ukraine, 29% of companies have suspended their activities, and 6% have ceased business altogether. After two weeks of quarantine, 2.5 thousand Ukrainian institutions stopped functioning. From March 23, sales of catering establishments in Ukraine decreased by an average of 73% compared to the period before quarantine.

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