In Ukraine, the minimum wage will be changed


The president directed the cabinet to increase the “minimum wage”, although the state budget 2020 does not provide for it

In Ukraine, the minimum wage will be replaced. Photo:

The Office of the President has published a new program to increase the minimum wage in Ukraine. Prime Minister Dennis Shimgal and Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko made the appropriate calculations according to the guarantor’s website.

“Ukrainians deserve a good salary. I know it is not easy to take and raise. However, we did not seek an easy solution when we came to power,” said Vladimir Zelensky.

Shimgal reported on an initial schedule, according to which he would increase the minimum wage:

  • It will be increased to 5 thousand UAH from 1 September 2020.
  • From January 1, 2021 – up to $ 6,000
  • From July 1, 2021 – up to 6.5 thousand dollars

“It looks quite realistic. I am glad that it can be realized in a year. The welfare of Ukrainians is the main indicator of our effectiveness, ”the president emphasized.

At the same time, legislation on the state budget for 2020 does not provide for wage increases.

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Earlier, the Finance Ministry updated the list of Ukrainian banks through which pension, cash assistance and wages are paid to employees of budgetary institutions. According to the department, at present 42 out of 75 banks are in the list.

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