In Ukraine, the most unique quarantine in the world – Burda on the difficulties of companies



Famous businessman, owner of RedHead Family Corporation, Vladislav Burda, believes that the Ukrainian government was completely unprepared for the economic crisis, which started due to the coronavirus and the quarantine pandemic. As a businessman, Burda notes that the most difficult thing at the moment is trade.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to “Dialogue. AU “.

Businessman Vladislav Burda believes that the Ukrainian government was completely unprepared for the economic crisis. According to the businessman, the government had to start developing a quarantine exit plan immediately after its introduction. In addition, Burda noted the characteristics of the Ukrainian quarantine.

“Ukraine has the most unique quarantine in the world: with traffic jams on the streets, clandestine restaurants and shopping centers, if they are associated with the authorities.”

In addition, a well-known businessman pointed out that today is very difficult for companies. According to him, not all businessmen will be able to resume their work after quarantine.

“Right now, the company is increasing its debts, reducing its opportunities, continuing to support its staff and preparing to leave quarantine, which could be even sadder than entering.”

According to him, the main problem is that the government cannot keep its promises. And as a result, he predicts a drop in confidence in the president and parliament.

“The actor decided to try his hand in the role of president. It did not work. Even the Western press has already recognized this. This green government and parliament cannot be repaired. It only remains to observe how the grade will drop and the ineffectiveness will increase. “

We previously reported that Sivokho had stated that he continued to maintain contact with representatives of the occupied territories.

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