In Ukraine, the social initiative “Help is near” will work



In Ukraine, a social initiative will work

From April 10, Ukraine will launch the “Aid is near” information platform.

The decision was taken by the government at a meeting on Wednesday, reports the Ministry of Social Policy on Facebook.

“Representatives of local authorities, social welfare organizations, voluntary, charitable and public organizations and socially responsible companies will be involved in the implementation of the new social initiative. It is important that this social project unites society, ”commented the Minister of Social Policy, Marina Lazebnaya.

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As noted, through an online social project, needs will be quickly identified, appropriate mobile assistance and social services will be provided to single elderly people, people with disabilities, families with children and other socially vulnerable segments of the population. population.

Citizens will be able to contact the “hot” telephone lines that will work with the local authorities and leave information on the needs for products, personal hygiene products, household chemicals, transport services for the delivery of these goods.

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