In Ukraine, the terms of use of transport will be changed


According to the Minister of Infrastructure, “mobility between cities” will be restored first

In Ukraine, the conditions for using transport will be changed. Photo:

Infrastructure Minister Vladislav Cricli talked about the rules that drivers and passengers must follow once public transport is restored. According to the politician, “mobility between cities” will be restored initially.

Vladislav Cricli
Minister of Infrastructure

It is reported that passengers will occupy only seats in buses and mini buses. Bus and minibus drivers will be fined if there are too many people in the cabin. In this case, transportation will be allowed only when the passenger is masked. Mask mode will be maintained at least until the end of the year.

Vladislav Cricli
Minister of Infrastructure

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Earlier, Prime Minister Denis Shimgal said that public transport in Ukraine could operate again in May or early June this year.

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