In Ukraine, they will start a service for electronic registration: what will change


For citizens, they are going to organize a service that will show the place of registration of persons with ID cards

In Ukraine, they will start a service for electronic registration: what will change. Photo: My Right

For Ukrainians, a new service will soon be available – an electronic registration, which will be available on the DII application and a specialized site. This application was announced by Maxim Sokoluk, head of the State Migration Service during the presentation of the digital passport in “II”.

“Last week and this morning we had a conference with the developers. Very soon, a service will appear that can show the place of registration of those individuals who have ID cards in the DII application and on the portal… This is the information that is in the registry which will appear in electronic form, ”explained Sokoluk .

Now citizens of Ukraine, as well as foreigners or stateless persons, who permanently or temporarily reside in the country, must register their new domicile within 30 calendar days after deregistration of their previous place of residence Is required.

Parents will have to register the place of residence of the newborn during the first three months from the date of birth registration. Previously, the registration period for all categories was ten days and only through the migration service.

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