Inauguration of the new Okhmatdet building on June 1 – Zelensky



The main construction works have been completed in the new Okhmatdet building; opening is scheduled for June 1st.

This was announced by President Vladimir Zelensky on his Facebook page.

Okhmatdet is finally ready! On April 1, the main construction work was completed in the new building. It is now the delivery and connection of the medical equipment. The opening is scheduled from June 1 to Children’s Day, “said the head of state.

The President expressed his satisfaction that, in the difficult period of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, it was possible to meet the deadlines, since the completion of this long-term construction has been awaiting for years.

He is also convinced that, more than ever, it is important to have such modern hospitals, especially with regard to children.

“The brand new Okhmatdet building is a direct example of how the Big Construction project should work. Ukrainian hospitals should be exactly like that,” said Zelensky.

As indicated, the construction of a new medical and diagnostic complex for the Okhmatdet health and public safety center started in 2011, but was halted from 2013. In 2016, construction resumed. By decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, the project was divided into two launch complexes: 23.5 thousand square meters. m and 43.5 thousand square meters. m respectively.

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The first part of the new Okhmatdet building was inaugurated in April 2019. The complex is equipped with modern medical equipment for the reception of patients with complex diagnoses. It is expected that the entire updated Okhmatdet complex will include several blocks, which will house 10 modern surgical departments, five oncology and hematology departments and one diagnostic department.

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