Increase pensions in Ukraine: not everyone will receive a bonus



The Ukrainian government plans to index pensions next month. Some retirees will receive a raise, but not all of them will affect it.

Retirement allowance
Retirement allowance. Photo –

It is reported by “Dialogue“, Reports” MFN “.

The premium is 11%. This means that pensions will increase on average by 260 UAH. The premium mainly applies to unemployed retirees, citizens who have retired due to a disability, seniority, seniority or age. The premium is due to those who have lost the breadwinner. Teachers and health workers will also receive increased payments, but only if their experience exceeds 30 years in the profession.

The allowance will bypass those who, after their retirement, continue to work and those who have just retired (less than a year). In addition, social pensions will also remain unchanged.

If the pension is less than 2100 UAH, a premium is also expected. Automatically receive Ukrainians over 80.

Recall that, as previously mentioned, the popularity of Saakashvili is increasing: Kornienko spoke of the priorities of the “Servants of the people”.

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