India has blocked dozens of applications due to conflict with China


Installed applications still work on users’ smartphones

India has blocked dozens of apps due to conflict with China. Photo:

Indian authorities blocked TikTok and another 58 popular Chinese apps in the App Store and Google Play. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology explained this decision with the fact that the applications pose a threat to the security of the country and its residents.

The Government of India stated that the applications violate users’ privacy and store their data outside the country. In this regard, officials demanded that Apple and Google remove applications created in the PRC from Indian company stores, and help turn to Internet service providers and telecommunications companies.

It has been reported that the service to create and watch short Tektok videos has already been removed from shops and cannot be downloaded, although the application still continues to work. Thus, users who have Tiktok installed can continue to use the application, however, if it is uninstalled, it will not be possible to download it again.

Among other popular applications, which have been blacklisted by the Government of India, is the CamScanner service for scanning documents and photographs.

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Recall that on the night of 16 June at the border in Ladakh region, Confrontation between the army of India and China. 20 Indian soldiers were killed in the conflict. No damage was officially announced by the PRC. The New York Times called the conflict the “fiercest conflict” in several decades.

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