Indignation of the “cops” in Kagarlyk: how to prevent sadism in the ranks of the police



Indignation of the “cops” in Kagarlyk: how to prevent sadism in the ranks of the police

Indignation of the “cops” in Kagarlyk: how to prevent sadism in the ranks of the police


05/26/2020 22:24


Working in the police attracts both true crime fighters and sadists who can legally satisfy their perversions. The question is how to eliminate these?

During the night of May 23-24, a cruel crime occurred in the city of Kagarlyk, in the Kiev region. Local “werewolves in uniform” directly in the neighborhood raped the girl and at the same time tortured the man, beating and threatening him with sexual violence. This was not lost on the sadists – the story was widely publicized, revealing once again the “ulcers” of the national law enforcement system, caused by a selection of poor quality staff and extremely unsatisfactory work with the staff. The national police, the Interior Ministry and the State Security Bureau have already responded to the terrible incident – the rapists were immediately arrested and investigated, the first organizational conclusions were drawn. But the roots of the problem remain.


This story became known after a victim of 26 years (the name of a woman is Nelya, has a disabled child of 4 years, lives in the village of Stavy, district of Kagarlyk, – NDE) went to the hospital with injuries after rape and beatings. Later, she called the police to tell her what had been done to her at the Kagarlyk police station. Based on the information received, employees of the Department of Internal Security arrested two police officers, transferring the case to the National Bureau of Investigation.

According to GDB, the woman was summoned to the post as a witness to the theft, where, for some reason, they started to torture her – they put on a gas mask, handcuffs and frightened them with beatings fire from the service weapon. Dissatisfied with the bullying, one of the employees, an officer, repeatedly raped the victim. She was handcuffed all this time. At the same time, police beat a man who was at the station premises. “Threatened with rape, the police brought him to his knees, struck him on the head with batons, put on a gas mask and fired a service weapon from his pistol at the head,” said the agency. The victim recorded fractures of the ribs and nose. It is unclear who the woman is, but they promise to release this information in the near future.

Now, investigators are conducting a preliminary investigation into the facts of rape (part 1 of article 152 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and abuse of power, that is, the commission deliberated by an employee of a law enforcement agency actions that clearly go beyond the rights or powers granted to it if they were accompanied by violence (part 2 Article 365 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). “


On May 26, Anton Gerashchenko, deputy interior minister, announced the names of the two suspects on his Facebook page and posted a photo of them. But the Ukrainian truth has compiled a biographical note.

Indignation of the “cops” in Kagarlyk: how to prevent sadism in the ranks of the police

Law enforcement officials suspected of rape and torture: Nikolai Kuziv (left) and Sergey Sulima

According to the publication, the first suspect is the chief of the criminal police of the Kagarlytsky branch of the Obukhov department of the Kiev region, Nikolai Kuziv, 35 years old. Native to the Lviv region. Received higher education at the National Academy of Internal Affairs in Kiev. In 2015 he worked at Mariupol as a criminal police detective in the Primorsky branch. In 2019, Kuziv managed to work in the regions of Kiev, Donetsk and Lviv, having earned just over 205,000 hryvnias for the year. He has a wife and two sons aged 11 and 4. Having officially no property, his wife has an apartment and land in the small town of Rozhishche, Volyn region.

The second “hero” is the 29-year-old criminal police officer from the same branch of Kagarlytsky, Sergei Sulima. There is practically no information on this subject in open access. We only know that he lives in the small village of Obukhov district, Krasnaya Slobodka. Married. Officially, he also has no real estate. In the Kiev region police in 2019, he earned just over 157 thousand hryvnias.


Of course, the head of the Ukrainian national police, Igor Klimenko, immediately dismissed the suspects. The Kagarlytsky Police Department has been disbanded for re-certification of each employee. On the orders of the head of the GUNP in the Kiev region, Andrei Nebytov, representatives of the regional police department were sent to Kagarlyk to head the local department. The duties of the local police chief will be fulfilled by the deputy chief of the GUNP Dmitry Litvin. His task is “to organize work and ensure proper law enforcement in the region,” according to the police.

Nebytov himself spoke of the situation on Facebook. According to him, one of the suspects, Monday, May 25, was dismissed from the police for violation of official discipline, which he committed the day before. The second was also subject to disciplinary action – incomplete official compliance.

And he added that the first management and personnel decisions have already been made. For example, a number of police officers will be prosecuted and disciplined and some leaders will be removed from office.


But there will be a reaction to specific complaints from citizens against the police. This was announced on May 26 on “Breakfast with 1 + 1” by Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Anton Gerashchenko, commenting on the beatings and rape of the girl by the police in Kagarlyk. According to him, the culprits worked in the police for several years. They were replaced by those who were dismissed in 2015-2016. “It is necessary to respond to specific complaints from citizens in each case. Mass recertifications can let the wrong people go ahead, and the right ones can be fired for biased reasons. These police officers worked for several years, they came after recertification. The head of department will not operate with certainty. There is always a share of guilt on the leader. So he created such conditions in which his accusations decided that they could rape, and they will be nothing for that, “said Gerashchenko.

Indignation of the “cops” in Kagarlyk: how to prevent sadism in the ranks of the police

Anton Gerashchenko

According to the deputy head of the interior ministry, now because of low wages, young people do not want to go to work in the police. “It is difficult to find, especially in rural areas, young people who would like to work for this salary. But we will select staff, ”added Gerashchenko. He said after the victim’s call to the police about the act, all necessary procedural steps were taken within 12 hours and the suspects were arrested. “This is the best reaction from the police,” said Anton Gerashchenko. He added that the reaction was immediate: at 6:47 pm, a message was received from the hospital and already at 7:15 pm, the police identified the police suspected of the crime. At 7:40 p.m., they were arrested and summoned by GBR investigators. At 8:00 am, the Kagarlytsky Police Department was dissolved and management was suspended. At 10:23 am, the press service made a statement about the violence and the torture. “I can only say that in addition to these scoundrels (referring to the” cops “of Kagarlyk), the police are tens of thousands of other police officers who faithfully serve Ukraine, defend the law, solve crimes and protect the peace of citizens, putting their lives and health at risk, risking their lives and their health, police like the Ukrainian hero Sergey Gubanov, who died from a mine explosion near the village of Trekhizbenka in the Luhansk region, ”added MP Avakova.

It should be noted that the Minister of Home Affairs himself has not yet commented on the Kagarlyk incident. An essential!


The case of Kagarlyk has already started to be compared to the resonance cases which took place in Vradiyevka (a town in the Nikolaev region, where in June 2013 two police officers raped and attempted to burn a local resident, Irina Krashkova, 29 years old , later the girl died from burns) and Krivoy Ozero (also in Mykolaiv Oblast. There, in August 2016, the police brutally beat, then shot and killed and killed the 31-year-old local resident Alexander Zuckerman) . And these are far from all cases of police arbitrariness in Ukraine. Remember the shooting in princes near Kiev, the murder of a 5-year-old boy – Kirill Tlyavov in Pereyaslav of the Kiev region and others.

“In fact, police violence occurs much more often than you see in the headlines,” wrote lawyer, criminal expert Anna Malyar on Facebook. And he remembers a completely “fresh” case. The day before, she was talking to a man suspected of having murdered a neighbor for six months. He spoke of violence during interrogation. But the man did not break up, did not admit his guilt and turned to television for despair. Journalists carried out an investigation, helped him pass the polygraph, organized a “confrontation” with the victims and witnesses – and the victims lifted all their suspicions and charges, ensuring their failure. “But the police have not been able to understand this for six months now. And I can tell a lot of these stories. So this is it. The problem of violence in law enforcement is neither new nor unique; it is everywhere in view of the specifics of the activity. Why? Because working in the police attracts both true crime fighters and sadists who can legally satisfy their perversions. As a result, different people work in the police – both real police by vocation and werewolves, ”says Malyar.

Indignation of the “cops” in Kagarlyk: how to prevent sadism in the ranks of the police

Anna Malyar

How to deal with it in developed countries? There, when hiring a police officer, a person is carefully checked for sadism, cruelty, aggression, writes a forensic expert. “They check by different methods, but they specifically target the screening of sadists. Let’s say I have a friend from the UK who has already been tested for the love of animals and children. In fact, there is nothing difficult in that, among all those who want to work in the police, we only select those who are ready to fight crime by legal means, ”suggests Anna Malyar.

“We have seen the connivance of arrogance and cynicism at the highest level. Everything goes to the bottom of the organization and turns into a cave horror. We have spoken to management several times in public and have warned, but they claim they are doing well. Everything is terrible for them, and it is a fact, ”wrote Andrei Osadchuk, people’s deputy of the Golos faction, to the FB.

According to him, the faction will demand public explanations from the parliamentary committee from the head of the national police, and will demand not only responsibility by punishing the performers, but also their leaders, who are personally responsible for their subordinates. “Who took the monsters to work for the police in Kagarlyk? I lodged an assistant appeal with the Ministry of the Interior with a simple question. The Home Office should clearly explain – who, how and when recruited, promoted and certified the police officers who did it all? “, Wrote Osadchuk.

Indignation of the “cops” in Kagarlyk: how to prevent sadism in the ranks of the police

Andrey Osadchuk

The deputy believes that the Interior Ministry should disclose the names that are under the decision to take them to work and certify, “so that we are not hidden from all those who should be responsible for the horrors of Kagarlyk”. Osadchuk notes that this is a matter of citizen security and the reputation of the state. “The silence of the regional police chief is unacceptable. The only thing that can justify it is that he writes a letter of resignation. News from the police regarding the removal of the district department is not what the country should hear. The inevitability of punishment for all those who are directly and indirectly involved – Ukrainians expect this, “said the politician.


The Center for Political and Legal Reform expert Yevgeny Krapivin also commented on the Kagarlyk incident, asking several questions in his Facebook post, to which, in fact, he himself answered. First, is it the police or the system involved? Second, is Minister Avakov specifically guilty of this and should he be fired? Third, will the police be punished and how many similar cases will we see?

“The cops or the system?” Both. Guards against violations will not be able to zero the possibility of Vradiyevka, Lake Krivoy, Pereyaslav, or now, unfortunately, Kagarlyk. On the other hand, there are specific problems in the system:

– police reform has barely reached the villages and small towns in the regions;

– working with a psychologist both to apply for and to work for a service, as such, is not and was not;

– the periodic certification tool does not work. Some people have avoided any certification procedure in recent years;

“The level of perception of torture as a usual investigative tool, even an effective one, is still high among investigators and intervention agents,” lists Krapivin.

Indignation of the “cops” in Kagarlyk: how to prevent sadism in the ranks of the police

Evgeny Krapivin

As for personally Arsen Avakov and his possible resignation. Again, yes and no. It is clear that the Minister being responsible for state policy in the area of ​​police activity, he cannot be held responsible for the offenses of certain police officers. However, the systemic problems mentioned above are both a consequence and a reason for the lack of appropriate police reform. And it is only a matter of public policy.

Finally, will the police be punished and what is the probability of similar incidents in the future? “The last year of the State Investigation Bureau, as well as the new Torture Investigation Department within the UCP, give hope that the culprits will be punished. But there is no guarantee that we will not see such cases, and the level of police violence will drop – no. Because general prevention does not work here, it is necessary to change the system, but there is nothing comforting. In addition, the practice that everyone has been “removed from office and sent for certification” is a good example. The police, instead of establishing the individual guilt of everyone, especially those who suffocate such things, simply “brandished a saber” as is customary by means of an internal investigation (of course, along with the State Security Bureau investigation). A logical consequence: the police will complain even less about the crimes of their colleagues and even more will practice “mutual responsibility”, because they will not punish the specific police officer who committed the crime, but the whole unit in which this policeman works. “

По состоянию на вечер 26 мая Голосеевский райсуд Киева арестовал кагарлыцких полицейских без права зал. В с у 12 12 12 12 Сейчас продолжаются следственные действия и проводятся экспертизы.

Мирослав Лискович. Киев

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