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The largest percentage of millionaires put their money into finance

How to become a billionaire: The names of the most favorable industries for earning millions are

People were able to turn many different ideas into a billion-dollar profitable business, but some areas are easier to do than others. According to a new report, research firm Wealth-X analyzed a database of millionaires with a fortune of more than $ 5 million to see how they made their money.

Some regions create a much more favorable environment for the first million, others – on the contrary. The company has created a ranking of the business segment that contributes to the accumulation of more money than others.

  1. banking and Finance. According to Wealth-X, most people with a fortune of over $ 5 million made their money in the banking or financial sectors – just 22 %%.
  2. Consumer services. Over 16% of the rich made their fortune in the consumer services sector.
  3. Non-profit and public organizations. According to Wealth-X, more than 7% of wealthy people work for free time. However, many of them initially made their fortunes in other industries, such as Bill and Melinda Gates.
  4. Property. 5.4% of the rich people work in this field.
  5. Healthcare. 4.9% of people with more than $ 5 million in assets made their money in the healthcare sector.
  6. Technologies. Technology billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page are some of the world’s most famous rich people. However, a relatively small percentage of all the world’s wealthiest people made their money on technology – 4.7%.
  7. production. According to Wealth-X, 4.1% of rich people made their money in manufacturing.
  8. Hotel Business & Entertainment. The richest people earning on hotel business and entertainment account for 4.1%.
  9. Construction and construction of machinery. 3.9% of the richest people made their fortune in the region.
  10. Food & Beverage. According to Wealth-X, only 3.8% of businessmen were able to earn more than $ 5 million in this industry.

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