Infection of children: pediatrician said at what age children are most at risk for coronavirus



Seniors are known to be at risk for coronavirus infection, but pediatrician Anna Gorban has issued an important warning to parents. It is absolutely impossible to underestimate the danger of coronavirus. The expert named the most vulnerable age of the children.

Children and coronavirus
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It is reported Obozrevatel, reports “MFN”.

The greatest precautions against coronavirus deserve babies of the first and second years of life. For them, coronavirus infection can become particularly dangerous and they will endure the disease hard.

“We often record severe cases of coronavirus in children in the first and second years of life. As for the older groups, the situation is really much better with them. Children over two years of age can become infected with the coronavirus and survive even without obvious signs of the disease, ”notes the doctor.

This age specificity is associated with the peculiarities of the development of the human body. The doctor points out that there are no recommendations for the treatment of coronavirus in babies at home. Make sure to always contact the specialists.

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