Inflammation of the dry grass caused a fire: in the Zhytomyr region, an entire street of 27 houses burned down



In the village of Boryatin, in the Zhytomyr region, following a grass fire, the fire spread to houses and buildings, resulting in the destruction of 27 buildings.

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A fire destroyed an entire street.
The ignition of the grass destroyed an entire street of 27 houses. Photo:

According to state emergency services, a fire occurred in a field near the village on the morning of April 13. Strong gusts of wind led to the fact that around the middle of the day, the fire spread to the village.

“The fire with a facade of 500 m spread instantly to the village of Boryatin and covered 27 buildings located in a street near the field. Among them, there are 16 residential buildings (12 of them are empty) and 11 outbuildings ”, – declared the state emergency service.

The fire was eliminated at only 8:20 pm In total, 13 hectares of territory were burned by fire.

According to the state emergency services, a rescuer suffered burns of the upper respiratory tract and is in intensive care at Chudnovskaya hospital.

Earlier, it was reported that Moscow was covered in a coronavirus hell, hospitals were crowded, ambulance traffic jams on the streets.

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