Infrastructure minister promises Ukraine “digital revolution”


The smart ticket will enable Ukrainians to pay for all types of transport with an electronic ticket

The Minister of Infrastructure promised Ukraine a “digital revolution”: how to simplify the work of transport. Photo: Passenger Transport

Infrastructure Minister Vladislav Kricli spoke about his intention to implement the “digital revolution” and introduce a single electronic ticket in Ukraine before the end of the year.

“A single electronic ticket is intended to ease traffic between different modes of transport.” We will, of course, start with ourselves. At the same time, we will be able to combine aviation and railways. Already, with some city officials, we are working on the possibility of combining this with our electronic tickets. First, Kiev and I started a similar project, also the Sangha.

It would look like this: A person carries a single electronic ticket with him, uses it to travel in public transport, then can travel with him by rail and even fly by plane. is.

“This, of course, simplifies planning and logistics. Actually, don’t lose tickets again. Because all this can always be restored in electronic format. And it’s hard to lose,” the minister said.

The Ministry of Infrastructure, in association with the state-owned enterprise “Industry Center for Digitization and Cyberspace”, has already started to develop Smart Ticket – a single electronic ticket to transport all types of passengers in Ukraine ( Rail, city, air).

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Remember that electronic tickets are not such a new invention. More than twenty years ago, the United States began using electronic document management. Since then, e-tickets have become the most convenient form of travel card in the European Union and the US.

More than one country has proved the effectiveness of e-tickets for example. In Ukraine, the electronic ticketing system is, unfortunately, just starting to work, but the experience of the world shows unclear results: it is a practical, convenient, reliable and even multifaceted form of payment for travel.

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