Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Marina Alexandrova, Yulia Peresild and others at the online anniversary of the Galchonok Foundation



Ingeborga Dapkunaite

Last Saturday, the Galchonok Charitable Foundation celebrated its birthday – it turned eight. Despite all the restrictions and quarantine rules, the party nevertheless took place and took place, as is now the custom, in online form. Ingeborg Dapkunaite, Julia Peresild, Marina Alexandrova and other stars participated in the virtual zoom party.

The festive atmosphere was created by the audience itself: Alexandra Fedorova delighted the guests with a special DJ set, and Yulia Peresild, who is the founder of the foundation, interpreted the poem by Nikolai Gumilyov “Zaraza” as an accompaniment by Marimba Peter Glavatsky.

All funds collected during registration for the party will be sent to the Galchonok fund.

Marina alexandrovaJulia PeresildIngeborga DapkunaiteAngelica KashirinaAlexandra FedorovaAndrey BurkovskyThe Galchonok Charitable Foundation was created in 2012. The idea for its creation belongs to the first director of the Give Life fund, Galina Chalikova. The “little stone” helps children and young people with organic lesions of the central nervous system and other serious illnesses. Among its directors are Marina Alexandrova, Dmitry Khrustalev and other Russian actors and musicians.

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