Insider on Hayden Panettiere after breaking up with Brian Hickerson: “After surviving the test, she thinks about the future”



Hayden Panettiere / Brian Hickerson

It seems that the life of Hayden Panettiere, 30, is undergoing positive changes. Sources from the actress’ surroundings report that she has finally broken up with Brian Hickerson, that she is going back to the movies and that she is thinking about the future. Recently, Vladimir Klitschko’s ex-lover returned to social media after a long hiatus, showing the adult daughter Kaya Evdokia, who lives with her father in Ukraine. U Hayden is doing well. She is gradually recovering. She has stopped communicating with Brian (Hickerson. – Approx. Ed.). And he returned to his hometown in South Carolina. And his friends pray that his relationship with him does not resume, quotes Us Insidely an insider.

Hayden Panettiere and Brian Hickerson

Hayden started dating Brian Hickerson in 2018 and, according to his friends, his bad habits worsened next to him. In the spring of 2019, the couple had a public feud in a bar where Brian was aggressive and was arrested, but was quickly released on bail.

After a quarrel between Hickerson and Panettiere, the police also came and arrested him on suspicion of domestic violence. However, the actress refused to provide the court with information about her boyfriend’s assault and the family violence case was closed. The couple’s relationship has resumed again and again, but now, as Hayden’s entourage assures them, she has decided not to repeat her past experience. She changed her life 180 degrees after a terrible test with Brian and thinks about the future. She’s going ahead, thinking about going back to Hollywood and creativity, “said the insider.

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