Instagram and Facebook launch new feature: Helps in business


Facebook users can now browse online storefronts, save products or order delivery

Instagram and Facebook are launching a new feature: helping businesses during an epidemic. Photo: Facebook

Facebook announced the opening of new shops amid the epidemic of coronavirus virus. With the help of innovation, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses will be able to organize their products into social networks.

Businessmen are given the opportunity to create their own photos of goods on Facebook and Instagram – along with photos of goods, their descriptions, prices and functionality to place an order. Online stores have already accrued to Facebook users from the United States, on Instagram they will appear in the summer.

Social network users can view online storefronts, save their favorite products or order delivery. You can pay for the order either directly through social networks or on third party sites. Entrepreneurs will be able to build such stores for free. In return, the company will charge for the checkout service.

Facebook believes that the launch of the service will allow businesses to go online and stay away during the crisis of the epidemic.

“Currently, many small businesses are facing difficulties. With the closure of stores, more and more entrepreneurs are looking to move their business to the Internet. Our goal is to enable the purchase of a global brand for anyone from a small business owner without interruption, to use our applications to communicate with customers. So we launch Facebook Store.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Remember that Facebook has decided to form a council that will deal with disputes over the moderation of content on social networks. The Council will consider whether this or the content complies with the policies and values ​​of Facebook and Instagram and whether it violates freedom of expression within the framework of international human rights standards. The decisions of the committee will be binding on the arbitrators.

For the council’s work, a $ 130 million fund is created, which is not controlled by Facebook. The council consisted of journalists, activists and lawyers who deal with issues of freedom of speech.

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