Instagram extends access to merchandise sales


The innovation will allow content creators to sell their own products through the application

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The Instagram app extends Instagram shopping to more users. It has been reported that the function’s access will now be available to musicians, bloggers and other content creators who “have at least one product for sale”.

The company introduced new requirements for vendors, which will come into force on 9 July – they should be followed by entrepreneurs who are interested in selling goods on the platform.

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So, the rules indicate that a commercial Instagram account must represent a store or website on which the goods are sold. The list of products should be available to purchase on the seller’s own website, via Facebook or Instagram checkout. However, such an account may not be part of affiliate networks, such as Amazon affiliate programs.

Only enough followers with authentic, reliable accounts can access Instagram shopping. Merchants are not allowed to give misleading information about prices and availability of goods. In this case, you need to clearly describe the conditions for the return of the products.

After registering with Instagram Shopping, companies have to undergo social media approval to start selling products. In the event of a denial, the account holder will be made aware of the clear reason why his application was rejected and what he would have to do to be approved.

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Earlier, we wrote that Facebook announced the launch of new shops amid the epidemic of coronavirus virus. With the help of innovation, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses will be able to organize their products into social networks.

Now, entrepreneurs will be able to build their own online storefront on Facebook and Instagram – including photos of goods, their details, price and functionality to place orders.

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