Instructions for Privat24: Payment of utilities


In Privat24, utilities pay no more than 15 minutes

Privat24 payment of utilities

If you are tired of queues and bureaucracy while paying for utilities, then you should use online banking. Next in the article we will tell you how to pay bills using Privat24 without leaving your home. Earlier we talked about how to restore the PIN code of PrivatBank card and how to pay the fine through Privat24.

We have also collected relevant financial advice for you during the crisis. Pespace magazine special project.

Quarantine financial tips

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For Privat24 customers: paid utilities

One of the main benefits of Internet banking is saving time and money by doing a few clicks transactions as well as having minimal commissions or complete absence. Commission sizes typically range from 1 to 5 UAH and depend on the terms of the enterprise’s contract (regional gas, water utility, etc.) with a financial institution. PrivatBank allows you to pay for a wide variety of services online. Previously we talked about how to find out the owner of a PrivatBank card by number, and in today’s article – How to pay for a communal apartment from a computer or mobile application.

Payment of utility bills through Privat24 in the desktop version of the service

In Privat24 you can pay for rent, water, heat, electricity, internet and intercom. After transferring the funds, you will get an electronic receipt, which you can then download to your account. Privat24 allows you to pay for services without registration, but in this case, the service will not save information about your previous payments. Therefore, we recommend that you complete all the tasks through your personal account to use a template prepared in the future.

Therefore, to pay for utilities, open Privat24 in a browser on your computer. After authorization, select the “My Payments” tab. A list of utilities and loans to pay them will be displayed here.

In the “My Payments” tab, you will see a list of “My Templates”, where service bills will be displayed at your residence address and other addresses you specify. If the required payment template is not available, you can create it by entering it into the EDRPOU, current account number or organization name for the services for which you want to pay in the “New Payment” window.

Step-by-step payment of utilities in Privat24:

  1. Go to your personal account Privat24
  2. Click on my payments tab
  3. Enter the name of the service provider organization or its EDRPOU
  4. Select your organization from the list provided.
  5. Enter personal account number
  6. Enter payment amount
  7. Click “Add Payment to Cart”. If there is a commission, information about it will be displayed in a new window.
  8. Choose which card or account to pay for, and click “Confirm”

In future, you can automate the payment by indicating the date and amount of payment in the desired window.

Privat24 mobile application: paid utilities

Utility payments via Privat24 in the service’s mobile application are faster and more convenient than the desktop version. To use the service, you will need:

  1. Login to the Privat24 app
  2. Choose the “Services” tab in the lower left corner
  3. Select “My Payments”
  4. Use a ready-made template or create a new payment
  5. Enter the required details, select a card for payment and click “Pay”.

When creating a new payment in the Privat24 mobile application, you can find the required organization as a desktop version, by its name or by logging into the recipient’s account. In addition, the mobile version allows you to scan the QR code of the receipt and take a picture of the check required for payment using the PhotoCash function.

Therefore, in the utility bill Privat24 This can be done in two ways: using the desktop version of Privat24 and the mobile application. Both options allow you to save templates and make payments automatically, however, you will need to enter your personal account for this. The Privat24 mobile application also has additional features – a photo cashier function and a QR-code scanner, which makes paying bills as convenient as possible for the user.

Payment of a communal apartment by phone

In relation to quarantine, PrivatBank has launched a utility payment service by telephone. For this you need Call 3700 Bank Support Service NumberThe operators who will be able to fill the payment details correctly as per the data received from utilities. As a press service to the designated bank, a communal apartment is paid by phone with any personal card.

Paypal magazine help

Earlier, PrivatBank launched the educational project “Banker to Own”, which will help customers learn to use all banking services through the Privat24 application and the Privat24 mobile bank without leaving home. To use the services of the service, you need to visit the site, register by phone and then choose the course “Banker yourself”.

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