Integration of the “DPR” in the Russian Federation “in part”: an information resource expressed a new idea for the “authorities of the republic”



Within the so-called “Ministry of Health”, the “DPR” declared that the ORDLO doctors “will integrate into the Russian Federation”. Thus, in the “Ministry of Health of the DPR” called the initiative of the “authorities of the republic” to send doctors for an internship in the Russian Federation.

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This was reported by the portal Donpressreferring to the Telegram channel controlled by the Donetsk case controlled by the invaders, reports the MFN.

The information resource “Donetsk Affair” noted that the Russian Federation is in the top 3 of countries where the epidemiological situation is unfavorable. The author of the publication writes that there are not so many doctors in the “republic”, therefore, after an internship in the Russian Federation, they can stay in Russia, because they will gain a lot more.

“During the internship, doctors will receive information on the salaries of doctors in the Russian Federation, and after that, they will understand that it is useless to return to the” DPR “,” writes the resource.

The author of the publication also quoted the “Minister of Health” of the so-called “DPR” Olga Dolgoshapko, who said about the training of DPR doctors in the Russian Federation:

“I really wanted to become a legitimate part of the great country sacred to all of us.”

Ironically, the author of the publication noted that this is one such integration option.

“Since the Russian Federation does not officially participate in” DPR “, for the moment it will be integrated in several parts”, writes the resource.

We previously reported that the Russian Federation refused to open the border with the L / DPR.



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