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Although bats are considered negatively by many, they are truly amazing creatures. Want to know why?

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According to many paleontologists and scientists, bats existed long before a planet populated by humans. Although bats are considered negatively by many, they are truly amazing creatures. Want to know why?

  1. Bat’s scientific name, ChiropteraComes from greek cheir (Arm) + peron (wings), i.e. “Bat”.
  1. 600 BC Eesop, the famous Greek fascist, wrote a fictitious story about a bat who borrowed money to run his business. He did not do business, and had to hide the bat from his creditors. Therefore, according to Aesop, bats only come out of their secluded places at night.
  1. Bats are divided into two main groups: megabats – Large bats that feed primarily on fruits, and microbatsThat feeds on insects, frogs, blood, fish, lizards and birds.
  1. Bats that feed frogs can distinguish between poisonous and non-toxic with sounds made by frogs.
  1. Scientists believe that bats appeared 65–100 million years ago, at the same time as dinosaurs.
  1. Bats are a symbol of happiness in China and Japan. In Chinese, the words “bat” and “fate” are the same.
  1. The skeleton of the bat wing consists of very long bones of the obverse and the fingers, which support and pull the wing’s thin membrane. The membrane makes up about 95% of the bat’s body surface. It helps in regulating body temperature, blood pressure, water balance and gas exchange.
  1. Bats are the only mammals that can fly. The difference between bats and flying squirrels (another mammal that people mistakenly believe is capable of flying) is that bats can control the flight process, while bats only hover in the air.
  1. Unlike birds that wave their forebears, bats move their outstretched fingers.
  1. Scientists use the anticoagulant properties of vampire bat saliva to treat people with stroke.
  1. Contrary to popular belief, bats are not blind. Many of them look well, and some species can also catch ultraviolet light.
  1. Better yet, hear the bats. They can hear sound from 20 to 120,000 Hz. While people can hear sounds in the range of 20 to 20,000 Hz; And dogs from 40 Hz to 60,000 Hz.
  1. Bats breed the slowest among mammals of this size, and bats have longer gestations.
  1. About 70% of bats eat insects. On average, a bat can eat more than 600 insects per hour, which is equivalent to eating about 20 pizzas per night for a normal person.
  1. The story of Dracula appeared in Eastern Europe, however, real vampire bats are only found in Central and South America.
  1. Bats live on all continents except Antarctica. They are found in the Arctic Circle in the north and Argentina in the south and the southernmost tip of South Africa.
  1. Vampire bats are the only mammals that feed exclusively on blood. No wonder they are called vampires.
  1. Contrary to popular belief, vampire bats do not actually suck “blood”. Instead, they usually “lick” her tongue.
  1. Vampire bats should drink as much blood as they drink every day.
  1. The largest bat is a rare fruit eaten by rhubarb. The wings range in size from 150 to 180 cm.
  1. Texas has a cave, where the world’s largest bat colony lives – more than 20 million individuals, nearly twice the number of people living in New York – is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.
  1. Survey of tv channel animal Planet, Revealed that vampire bats occupy the third place among the most terrifying animals, piranhas lagged far behind, right after wolves and gorillas.



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