Interior Ministry said Avakov would resign due to Kagarlyk events



The Interior Ministry considers Arsen Avakov’s resignation unreasonable in connection with the Kagarlyk incident.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Arsen Avakov.
After Avakov, the chair shook strongly after the recent incidents. Photo:

According to them, Minister Avakov should not go there, because the Interior Ministry has never hidden such resounding incidents and has always responded quickly. This statement was made by Deputy Minister Anton Gerashchenko.

“We have no tolerance for torture and violence. Instant reaction to hold these people accountable, “- he said.

According to Gerashchenko, in Ukraine, the law enforcement system is now structured in such a way that all violence leads to the inevitability of punishing those responsible for their actions and holding them responsible for the crimes, regardless of the perpetrators.

In this case, the perpetrators were arrested and the police unit in which they served was dissolved.

Earlier, it was reported that the gunner’s son Zhytomyr spoke of the connection between the mass execution on the lake and a police bribe.



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