Interview with interesting radicals – in Chernigov, Rabinovich’s car was thrown from the eggs (VIDEO)



An unpleasant incident occurred with the people’s deputy of the political force “HMO”. During his visit to Chernihiv, the car of the people’s deputy was bombarded with eggs.

Vadim Rabinovich
Vadim Rabinovich. Photo –

This is reported by the NPF, referring to Press service Chernihiv region police.

Today, June 18, the deputy of the “HMO” came to Chernigov. The politician wanted to lay flowers in the eternal flame in the Boldin mountains. It was here that an unpleasant incident occurred with the politician. According to information provided by the press service of the Chernihiv police, a group of young people tried to block the circulation of the deputy’s car, then they started to lay eggs on Rabinovich’s car. At the same time, the police attempted to arrest a group of people who threw eggs in the member’s car. But while on duty, one of the officers suffered – he was injured, after which he was sent to the hospital. It should be noted that the police arrested a dozen people who attacked the car of the people’s deputy.

At the moment, they are at the Chernihiv police station, where they have to testify.

It should be noted that the press service of the Chernihiv police did not disclose the name of the people’s deputy. However, MP Vadim Rabinovich on his page in Facebook he told it all.

“I spoke with very interesting radicals,” said the people’s deputy during his trip to Chernigov.

According to him, the young people who obstructed the circulation of his cars “dispersed agricultural products”.

The incident was filmed by “Suspilnogo” video correspondents. Video began to spread quickly in the media and social networks. According to journalists, the action against Rabinovich was organized by activists of the National Corps.

We previously reported that Rabinovich distinguished himself by a provocative Facebook post.



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