iPhone 11, selfie camera is not among the top ten DxOMark


Performance is defined as “decent”, but still not enough to guarantee the top ten: this is the basis of the review made by DxOMark for the front camera iPhone 11. In short, half disappointed, but still predictable, as in the grip of a specialized portal 11 Pro already passed, which also received a boring score (92).

specifically iPhone 11 he settled on 91 points, an ideal average of 92 for photographs and 90 for video. To emphasize the real difference between the two models that this source pointed out in the review: focus.

In general, two “melafonini”, however, have difficulty controlling noise, especially in low light conditions; as for video recording, thanks to good shutter speed and optimal white balance iPhone 11 manage to get a better overall rating than “big brother”. However, even in this case, DxOMark recalls that, despite the good results, we do not come across one of the best options on the market.

91 points puts Melafonino at 13th place in the ranking reserved for selfie cameras under the leadership of the Huawei P40 Pro (103 points). To read the full review, just click this linkwhile buying iPhone 11 on Amazon just go to this page: Apple iPhone 11 (64 GB) – White


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