iPhone 12: Apple must save money and is preparing to take out the headphones from the packaging


New iPhone 12s may hit the market without wired EaPods in the box force users who will buy new smartphones coming in the fall (which, of course, will not be cheap), for an additional fee. Apple’s choice may be followed by a series very important discounts on AirPods, Bluetooth headsets have become a real starting point in this sector and an almost indispensable target for users of Apple products.

The new iPhone 12 will hit the market in the fall (possibly from October) and, at the same time, discounts on AirPods may begin in order to exploit users’ greater tendency to buy Bluetooth devices. The choice not to include headphones in the package should concern all four iPhone 12, which will appear in the second half of 2020.

Who wants to use the “traditional” Lightning Headphones You can make a separate purchase. Currently, Apple’s wired headphones cost a little over 20 euros. For AirPods instead, the current price is about 130 euros, and taking into account discounts, it can approach 100 euros. More detailed information on this subject is likely to appear in the coming months.


Apple AirPods with charging case

  • They automatically turn on and connect instantly
  • Easy setup on all your Apple devices
  • Siri is activated in an instant, just say “Hey Siri”
  • Just double tap to start a song or go to the next
  • New Apple H1 Chip Provides Faster Wireless Connectivity With Your Devices


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