iPhone 12: new confirmations about the specifications of the four options in the near future


The line of iPhone 12 will consist of four smartphones with two “basic” models that will replace the iPhone 11, and two Pro models that will replace the iPhone 11 and Pro 11. During this watch, to further clarify what will be the technical specifications of the new iPhone, coming out in the fall of a new leak.

All four outgoing iPhone 12s can count on Apple A14 SoC with 5G support. At the moment, there is still no confirmation of RAM, but it is likely that the Pro line will have at least 2 GB of RAM more than the base models (6 vs 4 GB). For all four new smartphones Apple will be one a little less and the debut of the new Face ID.

Also confirm the dimensions. The two main models will have respectively 5.4 and 6.1 inch display while two Pro models will have displays from 6.1 and 6.7 inches. There is currently no information about the technology used for displays (all of them can be OLED). As for the photographic sector, there will be two cameras for the iPhone 12 and three cameras plus a Lidar sensor for Pro.

Recall that Apple is going to launch a new iPhone SE2 / iPhone 9 and that i new iPhones 12 should arrive late Compared to the traditional times of Cupertino, the house is used to us.


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