iPhone 12 Pro, Apple may indicate 120 Hz display


New and interesting rumors of “EveryhingApplePro” come from the YouTube channel iPhone 12 Pro, Among the many leaks, there is one that is particularly striking: Apple will try to bring a display with a new generation of melafonini with The refresh rate is 120 Hz.

It must be emphasized that Cupertino is still at the stage of full testing, given that the problems were numerous and difficult to solve. Among other things, one that stands out with regard to energy consumption: initial estimates spoke of autonomy, which would decrease by 10%, but real values ​​go even further, despite the functionality that will allow automatically switch from 120 Hz to 60 Hzdepending on the actions performed on the device. In short, the scenarios are still very open, it should be understood that the company completely excludes an intermediate solution with a frequency of 90 Hz.

Carelessness to reduce the size of the notches was also confirmed iPhone 12 Pro thanks to the module Identity card shrunk; In this regard, it is worth mentioning the functionality of the “dynamic zoning algorithm”, which will enable even faster unlocking.

Speaking of more resistant glass, Blue Navy colors and a flat display, the camera also receives information: we drop the hypothesis of a 64-megapixel autofocus sensor, which is considered not up to standard, we will still focus on 12-megapixel, but larger. LiDAR Sensor this will be crucial for autofocusing and rendering in low light conditions, as well as for improving the quality of EIS recording and slow motion video recording. Speaking of video, portrait mode may appear even during recording.


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