iPhone 12 will ship without a charger


The first rumors spread last week, now the first (and important) confirmations are coming. Min Chi Kuo talked about the specific possibility that the standard equipment of the following iPhone 12 not just without headphones, “Earpods“But also from Charger,

Therefore, after the sensational revelation of Barclays, the famous analyst goes into details: an Apple should produce a new 20 W power supply, but it will only be supplied as an optional accessory. However, this choice will end production. 5 and 18 watt adaptersThe first of them will disappear by the end of the year in the iPhone SE 2020 package. Separate speech about the 12 W charger, which at the moment will be delivered with the generations of iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini, which are currently in circulation.

Shortly speaking, standard equipment iPhone 12 will be drastically reduced to bones, and in its current state it is easy to predict that only cable will be delivered USB Type-C Lightning

It is easy to imagine the cruel contradictions that will arise due to the choice of the type that Cupertino should accept for two main reasons: to seduce its users to choose wireless charging and, of course, to keep prices “low”, probably in accordance with the prices of the iPhone 11 , despite the passage of the entire line up to 5G.


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