Iran officially agreed to give France UIA black boxes – Yenin



Iran officially agreed to visit France

Iran officially agreed to give France UIA black boxes – Yenin

06/26.2020 22:04


Iran has agreed to hand over the “black boxes” of a Ukrainian plane shot down in January for decryption to France.

This was stated by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Yevhen Yenin.

“Right at the ICAO Council, Iranian representatives agreed to transfer Ukrainian airline flight recorders from flight PS752 to France for decryption. This was made possible by the constant pressure of the Ukrainian government and colleagues from other countries. Since we heard such a promise from Iran in March, we relate to today’s statement with cautious optimism, “said Enin.

The Deputy Minister added that it was important to find a way to ensure international recognition of the results of the review and the investigation as a whole.

“Remember the experience of MH17 – the Netherlands, then the flight recorders were given to the British for decryption in order to avoid any doubt about their impartiality. Therefore, the professional decryption of black boxes that France can doing, with the participation of the best experts from Ukraine and other countries, is a necessary step to complete the technical realization of the investigations into the shooting down of a Ukrainian plane in the sky over Tehran in accordance with the requirements of the Chicago Convention, “said Yenin.

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As noted, January 8 after departure from Tehran Airport. Imam Khomeini crashed a Ukrainian International Airlines plane. On board were 176 people, all dead. Among them, 11 citizens of Ukraine – two passengers and nine crew members. The passengers on the airliner were citizens of Iran, Canada, Sweden, Afghanistan, Germany and Great Britain.

At first, the Iranian side claimed that the disaster was due to the technical problem of the plane, but on January 11, Iran admitted that the plane had been shot down by mistake by the Corps of Revolutionary Guards Islamic.

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The international accident coordination group of the UIA has insisted on handing over the flight recorders to France, which has the technical capacity necessary for decryption.

In March, the official representative of Iran to the International Civil Aviation Organization agreed to transfer the flight recorders to France or Ukraine for analysis, but this was never done.

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