Irina Gorbacheva Grigory Kalinin’s ex-husband spoke of a divorce with her: “Yes, I cheated”



Grigory Kalinin and Irina Gorbacheva

Two years ago, the actors Irina Gorbacheva and Grigory Kalinin divorced after eight years of relationship, including three years where the couple lived as a couple. For several months, they managed to keep the separation secret, and after information about the divorce was released to the media, the actors for some time refused to speak publicly about him. However, time flies and they try to ask questions about the breakup in each interview. This spring, Irina appeared on Yuri Dudya’s YouTube program “Vdud”, where she spoke about her betrayal, and now her ex-husband has decided to comment on her words.

Grigory Kalinin and Irina Gorbacheva Yes, I cheated. A change in life is happening. It is possible in a marriage. What are you going to do here? It is always painful and unpleasant. Someone is more worried, less someone. I say this, because in my life there have been betrayals, including deception on me. It is an experience for me, I drew the appropriate conclusions. But you have to consider: do you fall in love with a person once or do you simply change under the influence of alcohol? What exactly directs you: love or affection for someone new? Or did you have a spontaneous passion? Female and male infidelity, as practice shows, are completely different things, there is no equality. Although in any case it is bad and dividing into a strong and weaker sex is probably not worth it. We must continue to build our lives so that no one is hurt, ”said Grigory Kalinin in an interview with Express Gazeta.

According to Irina, she tried to forgive the betrayal, but ultimately she couldn’t. Now she and Gregory have a new relationship: Gorbacheva mentioned her boyfriend in an interview with Dude, and Kalinin said in an interview that he was dating actress Anna Lavrentieva, whom she had known for six years.

Before that, they were only friends, they were there when necessary. Now we are thinking of joint projects,

He said of his current companion.

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