Irina Shayk spoke to Russian Vogue about New York’s quarantine, her daughter Leah, and sang the song Hands Up!



Irina Shayk

In the period of the WHO coronavirus pandemic, Instagram made serious competition to YouTube in the genre of video interview: all conversations went on the social network, attracting a large audience. Russian Vogue supported the trend by inviting a rare guest to the air – the editor-in-chief of the publication, Masha Fedorova, spoke with the top model Irina Sheik.

The 34-year-old parade star lives in New York City and, unlike many of his friends, did not leave the city during the epidemic.

Irina Shayk I am very happy to be in New York, because it is my favorite city. It has now become a ghost town. Many people have left. Everyone else walks the streets wearing masks, but they remain positive, welcoming and smiling, which is very pleasant at the time, ”said Irina.

Masha Fedorova

Shake does not wear designer masks that fashion houses sewn for their customers during their forties, preferring ordinary ones. She does not watch the news on television, but a friend learned that the quarantine in the city had been extended until June 12. Nevertheless, Irina goes out every day, walks with her three-year-old daughter, Leia, in the park. The model’s child and Bradley Cooper, 45, study at a Russian school in New York.

Now the training takes place online (3 lessons of 30 minutes each), and they also require a lot of homework. She has very good teachers, ”said the model about her daughter.

Shake admitted that she enjoys spending time at home, and during the pandemic, she became interested in cooking in her large kitchen.

Masha Fedorova, of course, discussed the subject of beauty with the show’s guests: many viewers asked questions about their favorite cosmetics and Shake procedures. Irina confirmed the popular opinion that the Russian masters make the best manicure, and from her favorite skincare products, she called the lip balm.

At the end of the conversation, the supermodel admitted that she liked the group “Hands Up!” and sang the lyrics to one of the songs of the Russian pop group.

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